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Ayisha + Siraj: Winter Engagement Session

Ayisha + Siraj: Winter Engagement Session

This love story was meant to be…


Ayisha and Siraj first saw each other during a Congressional Black Caucus annual event.  They didn’t speak, but they both noticed each other noticing each other…


And then later they saw each other again at a gala that same weekend, but still no words were exchanged…and then again the same thing happened.


That was the case until finally Siraj made his way over to her…and that, ladies and gents, is how the Princess of Bisa met her Prince.


Ayisha and Siraj wanted to kick things off with a winter studio session where a formal portrait session was a must!  However, I was able to talk Ayisha, personal image consultant, into letting Siraj lose the jacket and tie.  This is when I was able to capture this delicate moment…


The story continues…

~R. Dione

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