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Welcome To the World Olivia!

Welcome To the World Olivia!

To create is to give a gift to the world, no matter the form.  The creation of life is one creative process that always leaves me speechless.

So when my dear friend asked me to document the first moments of when her and her husband’s beautiful creation would enter this world, I was 100% on board.

Knowing this was her second child, we understood that the birthing process might go a little faster this time.  But since her first birth was quick, we also knew we may have even less time this go around.  Not to mention I live 1 full hour away from the birthing center…YIKES!!

Starting the second week in September, I was officially on call.

September 24th at 7:12 AM

I get the call from the father-to-be x 2, “Nisha, we’re on our way to the hospital” I spring out of bed, dress and out the door.  Text father-to-be x2 at 7:21 “On my way”.

Ok, Olivia is here.

WHAT!!!  Yep, Olivia just couldn’t hold out, she was born in the car in the parking lot of the birthing center.  No turning back, I continued onward, excited and determined to document these first few hours of Olivia’s life for my dear friend and her family.

Here is the rest of the story through photography…

2015-09-28_0001 2015-09-28_0002 2015-09-28_0003 2015-09-28_0004 2015-09-28_0005 2015-09-28_0006 2015-09-28_0007 2015-09-28_0008 2015-09-28_0009 2015-09-28_0010 2015-09-28_0011 2015-09-28_0012 2015-09-28_0013

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  • Cynthia Roberts
    Posted at 07:21h, 09 October Reply

    Tara, congratulation!!! She is so beautiful.

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