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Celebrating Thirty Seven!

Celebrating Thirty Seven!

Today I celebrate 37 years!

This solar return (birthday) just feels different.  I decided not to travel this year, but instead take the week to focus in on the upcoming year.  It was tough since I stayed local and 1) it was freezing and 2) there was so much going on, but I did manage to find the time to go within and reflect in my cozy little oasis.

Original Image by: Jaxon Photo Group Artwork by: Love and Peace Signs

First I recognize that I am entering a 1 year (3+7=10 / 1+0=1).  This is significant to me because we are also in an 11 Universal year.  So I am surrounded by the power of 1.  Spiritually it is the number of creation and a powerful force that produces results.  I receive that!!

Next, I can 100% say that I am truly happy with where I am in life!  Yes, there is more to do, experience, and accomplish, but at this moment at this time, I am utterly in a state of bliss!

I used to look at birthdays and think “oh no I didn’t do this yet” or “I don’t have this yet” but today I see life as

Oh my goodness, I did THAT!!

I also see all of the beautiful souls that have added so much flavor and color to my world.  I am beyond honored that they/you have chosen to share your energy with me in whatever way that may be.

I give thanks that my soul chose to return to me each day for the past 37 years!!

I give thanks for those who have stayed with me and I give thanks for those that have left.

I give thanks for those that see and accept all of me for who I am and I give thanks for those that do not yet see.

I give thanks for those I chose to keep and I give thanks for those I chose to let go.

I give thanks for my family and their love that is like no other in this universe!

I give special thanks to my Queen Mother who gave life to a 10lb baby girl 37 years ago!!! And to my father that has encouraged and supported me from my first breath.

Sending you all Light & Love, which are the components that make up The Creator and everything that is good in this world.

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