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My 2019 Year In Review

2019 Year In Review

My 2019 Year In Review

For the past few years I’ve taken time to review and reflect the the year that is coming to a close by creating a year in review. I go through my Passion Planner and recount all of the events and good things that happened each week. The passion planner is a great resource for this because it provides you with space to write out your weekly highlights as well as recap each month.

I enjoy doing this because allows me to remember all of the good things, the lessons learned, and the people that had impact on you throughout the year.

Rhonisha Franklin Top 9

Here are my 2019 Highlights

  • Photographed the Congressional Swearing In
  • Celebrated my 38th trip around the sun with travel, breath work, spa days, SWV, and friends
  • Transformed into Yemoja by the amazing Creative Soul Photography
  • Maintained my yoga practice and moved to intermediate
  • Created a shower garden and welcomed new plant babies into my home
  • Made conscious efforts to stop bending to other’s egos & expectations
  • Evaluated habits and adjusted as needed
  • Celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Back That Azz Up
  • Curated my first SOLO exhibit at 2 locations for Women’s Month
  • Spent time with friends, celebrating their accomplishments and milestones
  • Cleared my mind and allowed space to hear from my higher self
  • Identified people and personal habits that drain my energy and decided to disconnect from things done purely out of obligation
  • Documented a highlight of the day for every day of 2019
  • Celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday, my nieces 8th birthday, and my grandmother’s 84th birthday
  • Saw myself as Source
  • Hiked the 4 day 27 mile Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and learned the importance of finding beauty in the journey to your goal
  • Road dirt bikes, hiked salt mines, enjoyed spa days, purchased original art, & enjoyed a 10 course vegan meal in Peru
  • Received a grant to support, interviews and write ups for Profile Noire
  • Identified areas where I lack self-acceptance and how it spills over into how I relate with others – determined the triggers and took action
  • Had an encounter with my ancestors and was reminded of who I am
  • Sold one of my properties
  • Presented a workshop at my first photography conference
  • Met new photog friends and modeled for a day
  • 100 shoots for Profile Noire + my self portrait
  • Welcomed new ile members into the collective
  • PROFILE NOIRE solo museum exhibit opening night!!!!
  • Renewed sense of self and purpose
  • Hired an AMAZING assistant
  • Artist Talks and speaking engagements
  • Created an Air BNB and booked out December
  • Home to MI to love on my parents
  • Home to Louisiana to love on my grandmother and to tell her face to face how much I appreciate her
  • 5 AM Club – even though I’ve always been an early riser, I discovered 5am is the sweet spot

Overall 2019 was another great year! I’m so grateful for the life I’ve created and I give honor to my ancestors for surrounding and guiding me along my life’s journey. 2020 I’m ready for ya!

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