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CBD Gummies for Pain

Why consider Gold Bee's CBD gummies when you're in pain? Well, one of the reasons is because for those who have back pain and sciatica, Gold Bee's CBD gummies were voted the best CBD gummies for pain by Bellevue Reporter. Not only does the Gold Bee Gummy Bear brand offer a wide range of flavors, but it also offers a range of different dosage levels. This comes in handy for those who may be taking a small dose of CBD and need a higher one. The different options offer a full range of different flavors as well as a range of different dosages as well. This can come in handy for people who are taking a large amount of CBD or are taking a combination of different medications. Knowing the right dosage makes it easier for everyone involved. The Gold Bee CBD Gummies brand also features a list of ingredients along with the flavors. The ingredients list lists not only the active ingredient but other ingredients that work together to give the full range of benefits. These ingredients include but are not limited to Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate, L-Arginine HCL, Bromelain Hydrochloride, Nettle Root, and Green Tea Extract. It should be noted that Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate is an important ingredient in many over the counter anti-aging supplements. However, if you have a severe case of arthritis, this may not be the best choice for you.

CBD Gummies for Anxious Individuals

As you can see, the Gold Bee brand offers you a variety of benefits when it comes to CBD gummies. They offer a complete product, which are beneficial to everyone who is looking for that pure isolate, and a variety in flavors, which allow you to find the one that works best for you. They also offer a free trial, which allows you to check to see if the product is right for you. As you can see, the main benefits from Gold Bee Gummy Bear are from the pure CBD they offer. Not only does their product feature a number of benefits, it also offers you a number of ways to help your body function and get healthier. Whether you are in need of simple energy or are looking to reduce the effects of arthritis, this is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your products. According to ZMEScience, Gold Bee gummies were voted second best for the treatment of anxiety. Source: Daily CBD


About me

Beginning my journey in photography in 2007 as a hobby, it was solely a way to creatively express myself. Very quickly I fell in love with the craft and the fulfillment it brought to my life and the lives of those I photographed.

Over the past several years my passion towards Contemporary Portraiture emerged. Specializing in portraiture for people of color, I have developed a keen eye for working with this demographic and understand the nuances that come with their beautiful differences.

As a portrait photographer, I create beautiful images that you and your family will treasure for generations to come. My images capture the essence of who you are through timeless elegance. An R. Dione Foto experience can be had as a private session, a way to treat and honor yourself, with your sisters or girlfriends as a “girls day”, with that special someone in your life, or with the entire family. No matter how you choose to spend your session, I will create images that will last a lifetime.

My clients work with me because I provide a special experience from the time they walk into my studio to the time their final images are received. I see the beauty in all women and I’m able to capture that in my images. I work with all skin tones, body types, and age groups.

As a head shot photographer, I create clean classic images that enable my clients to present their best selves, from the online profile picture to the images used when accepting awards or news features and publications. I provide images that can be used to enhance digital content and provide event photography to document various occasions. I enhance the visual online presence of the working professional, business owner, and job seeker.

I am proud to have a dedicated team of trusted makeup artists that I work with that also know how to work with every skin type, adding to the exceptional quality of the final product.

Photography allows me the opportunity to live my best life and make a statement to others that it is ok for them to do the same.

My studio is based in Washington, DC where I have resided since attending Howard University for both undergraduate and post graduate studies.

  • Award: Best of BLINK Boudoir 2017
  • Cover Feature: TIME Magazine January 2018
  • Membership: Professional Photographers of America since 2015
  • Affiliate Photographer: Brown Girls Do Ballet | Diversity Photos

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