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Cheers to YOU! 🥂 I recently had the pleasure of celebrating my clients that I've had the opportunity to photograph since 2014!  R. Dione Foto's Client Appreciation Event 2018!! Because I have fancy clients, I thought what better way than to host a wine tasting at The Pursuit...

Today I celebrate 37 years! This solar return (birthday) just feels different.  I decided not to travel this year, but instead take the week to focus in on the upcoming year.  It was tough since I stayed local and 1) it was freezing and 2) there...

2017, Its been real ✌🏾  You were a year of building, sowing, and pruning. Some moments more difficult than others, but many that have put me in awe of this amazing journey called life.  I know that everything was set in place to continue to propel...

So this is what 40 years of marriage looks like! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! They met at Southern University in undergrad and have been together ever since.  Having been leaders of the Marriage Ministry, they have mentored and inspired numerous couples over the years.  Thank you...

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