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Profile Noire Artist Talk ~ BIRTHDAY EDITION

Profile Noire Artist Talk

Profile Noire Artist Talk ~ BIRTHDAY EDITION

Profile Noire Artist Talk BIRTHDAY EDITION – January 18th 6p-9pm at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives located at 1201 17th St. NW, followed up with an After Party at The Hamilton located at 600 14th St. NW

Artist Talk Featured Guests

We will engage in thoughtful dialogue and hear from two of the makeup artists that work along side me on the project, featured artists and their thoughts on the project, as well as one of the participants of Profile Noire.

Artist Talk After Party

Let’s Party!

We’ll do a little pre-game during the reception at the OPEN wine bar and then head over to The Hamilton to keep the party going. Let’s take over the bar like we did at Sotto for my 37th birthday mix & mingle with friends and hopefully make some new friends!

ALL are welcome – RSVP here on Eventbrite

I couldn’t think of a better way to usher in my 39th year around the sun and my last year in the 30’s!!


Can’t wait to see you there!! Please share pictures to social media using the hashtag #RhonishaTurns39 so I can experience the night through your eyes.

Profile Noire Coffee Table Book

It is not too late to pre-order your Profile Noire coffee table book at a reduced price prior to the official release date coming Spring 2020

To stay informed on this event and others, go right ahead and subscribe to my blog.

Feature Image by: Troy J. Stewart

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