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Profile Noire Opening Night ~ Highlights

Profile Noire Opening Night ~ Highlights

In March of 2018 I decided to embark on a personal project that would showcase 100 women of color.  Little did I know that this project would have such a profound affect not only on my life but also those women involved in the project.

As it progressed, I knew very quickly that this was something that was deserving of a full display.  I began to catch glimpses of what that might look like.  My visions seemed to be too big for my own comfort, but as those glimpses occurred there was always someone not too far behind to confirm what I felt in my soul.

On October 19th 2019 close to 300 people joined me in seeing that vision became a reality manifested.  There is nothing I would change about the opening night of Profile Noire and the kickoff to my second solo exhibit.  This time housed in a museum with 100 pieces spanning across 3 floors in downtown Washington, DC at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives.

Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives

The night started off in the Fredrick Douglas Hall where the women of Profile Noire surrounded the permanent display dedicated to Fredrick Douglas.

Fredrick Douglas Hall

Artist Statement

Then onto the Webb Photography Gallery, where guests were greeted with the melodic sounds of Lena Little and her guitarist Travis Alexander.

Webb Photography Galery

Travis Alexander ~ Guitarist

We enjoyed a wonderful conversation during the Artist Talk in the Lecture Hall with featured Profile Noire participants, Kendra Briggs and Jennifer Henry sharing their experience and perspective of the project.

Future Artist Talks will be held on

November 16th / December 12th / January 18th – 6pm to 9pm.

Rhonisha takes questions from the audience

Kendra Briggs (Left) Jennifer Henry (Right)

With the evening culminating in the R. L. Hurlbut Hall where guests enjoyed vegan appetizers and desserts catered by DC Vegan and wine sponsored by The Winery at La Grange.  We poured libation to our ancestors, were captivated by the voice of vocalist Jasmine Franklin, learned more about Diamond Sponsor – Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives, and heard final remarks from yours truly.

Dr. Jasmyn Kianna pours libation to our ancestors


Jasmine Franklin ~ Vocalist


Rhonisha Franklin gives final remarks


Profile Noire participants join Rhonisha on the stage for a final toast

Thank you to everyone that came out that evening and to everyone that will continue to support the movement.  It is my intention to change the visual representation of women, let’s work together to intentionally make this happen!

Profile Noire Coffee Table Book Pre-Orders Available HERE

Featured Sponsors: Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives**** | The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, DC Chapter***| Annie’s Framing & Art Gallery***

****Diamond Sponsor / ***Platinum Sponsor

Vendors:  The Sanford Agency | DC Vegan | Collaborative Promotions | Pink Dragon Designs | Lillith Plant Shop | DJ Magic | The Steppes Group | Reese Bland Photography | Damon Fleming of Footprint Fotos

Images in this post by:  Damon Fleming

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© R. Dione Foto 2019.  This post cannot be republished without permission.

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