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Today I celebrate 37 years! This solar return (birthday) just feels different.  I decided not to travel this year, but instead take the week to focus in on the upcoming year.  It was tough since I stayed local and 1) it was freezing and 2) there...

I had the pleasure of photographing this beauty who is celebrating her 30th birthday today.  Her story as to why she booked a session with me completely inspired me and so I had to share! She has created the hashtag #TheJarraiJourney In an effort to chronicle her journey...

 It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I'm taking a quick break from my birthday vacation to send you a gift!  Yes, a gift for you!! If you contact me between January 19th and January 31st and lock in a date for a session, I will apply a $190 gift voucher and cover the...

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