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Cheers to YOU! 🥂 I recently had the pleasure of celebrating my clients that I've had the opportunity to photograph since 2014!  R. Dione Foto's Client Appreciation Event 2018!! Because I have fancy clients, I thought what better way than to host a wine tasting at The Pursuit...

Today I celebrate 37 years! This solar return (birthday) just feels different.  I decided not to travel this year, but instead take the week to focus in on the upcoming year.  It was tough since I stayed local and 1) it was freezing and 2) there...

2017, Its been real ✌🏾  You were a year of building, sowing, and pruning. Some moments more difficult than others, but many that have put me in awe of this amazing journey called life.  I know that everything was set in place to continue to propel...

Back in September I did a little bit of what me and my travel companions called "Island Hoppin', Melanin Poppin'" in the Philippines.  Thought I would share a little bit of my experience with you all. The social media post that got the most interest was...

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