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New Year New You Head Shots   Currently in planning mode for 2019??? Launching? Re-launching? Developing a brand? Re-branding? New job hunting? Winning Awards? Giving Speeches ? Event Hosting? Profile Updating? Article Writing?   For the love of all things good in this world, DON'T use that selfie pic that you think is sooooo cute...

Queen Mother 🖤   I honor you I respect you I adore you I chose you I give thanks for you I bless you I admire you I reflect you I praise you I uplift you I embrace you I love you     Image by: T. Nicole Images Makeup by: @meekmakeup If you enjoyed this feature, be sure to subscribe below for...

Party of 7!! ~ Maternity Session with My Sister That's right, soon my sister will be making reservations for 7!  About to pop out my new nephew, Latina continues to amaze me. Not only is she a Regional HR Director, but she also owns her own Maternity...

Listen up my friends, a great head shot can go a long way!  Don't believe me?  Ask my client Lauren Underwood, democratic candidate for the Illinois 14th District for Congress. The Impact of a Head Shot Lauren was one of my first head shot clients back in...

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